= The Power of Beauty, Goodness and Truth =

Through making Esprit drawings and exploring beauty, goodness and truth, you have cultivated keen senses, a good heart and profound intelligence. Your venture has no end, and you will likely keep on walking your wholesome paths as you have.

=The Existence of Beauty =

Today, our society is blessed with developed arts and cultures but sickened with the destruction of nature. That is why, through Esprit Dessin, we need to honor nature and contribute to the prosperity of all life forms.

【 Essential World】

This means the world that our vital intuition can sense. It is run by the life in the universe. The Essential World is built on beauty, brilliance, harmony, nature, instincts, perfection, balance and attractiveness. As the life evolves, it creates new forms of beauty, or it recognizes the hospitable environment as beautiful.


【Existing World】

As our healthy Body Function senses the core of beauty and describes the impression artistically, the Existing World is born. It is founded on excitement, admiration, feelings, expression, forms, styles, themes and suggestions. The Existing World portrays the essence of beauty figuratively.


=  Realizing Goodness =

The world has the developed moral ideologies, yet, it has many conflicts. So, we draw Rule Esprit and demand morality in the community to help bring peace. We have advanced science.

【Ideal World】

The Ideal World means the community of order and peace that our healthy Spirit Function hopes and imagines. It is built on goodness, light, hope, peace, reasons, freedom and equality; the world born from human ideals.    


【Realized World】

The Realized World is born when the wholesome Love Function wishes peaceful home and society and encourages us to take sincere actions. It is based on love, bond, will, conviction, human rights, self-control and the power to act. The Realized World is built by our determination and efforts to bring out the ideal.


=Acting on Truth=

The real world is surrounded by myriads of perplexities. Then, while drawing Side Esprit, we are to pursue correct knowledge and help raise productivity in the society.


【Theoretical World】

The Theoretical world is found through tests and verifications while active Thinking Function observes the natural phenomena in the universe. It is built on truth, light, principles, laws, formulas, words and theories. The Theoretical World is a well-organized field.


【Practical World】

The Practical World is created as wholesome Group Function applies scientific knowledge to technologies and raises the productivity of society. It is based on techniques, application, efficiency, improvement, cooperation and mastery. It is a realm where people work together for a wide range of productive activities.      


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