= Creating Art Esprits =

Art Esprit is a work of art to describe honest feelings sprung up from your heart. Be it serene scenery, a graceful animal or plant, or a striking human action, when something deeply touches your heart, just follow your impression and describe it. 

【Multidimentional Approach】

In the realm of arts, there is a wide array of styles. Here, we will not worry about a style. Go ahead and combine different approaches such as painting, illustration, photos, diagrams and poems on a piece of paper or canvas.

=  Esprit Drawing as Art =

When you pursue free expression through Art Esprit, you can modify the Esprit drawings that you have created so far and turn them into artwork.

The basic shape of Esprit is a circle, but you can change the shape, add colors or write in poems as you wish. With a twist, your Esprit drawings will reflect more individuality.

【Social Level】

If you are creating Esprit drawings while working in a specific field, describe that field with art. It will bring a deeper understanding of the critical values hidden from you.

Suppose someone drew a Side Esprit on a theme of “curator” while working at a museum. If he wrote a poem to illustrate the solemn air in the museum, and add it to his Esprit drawing, his sense enters the realm that words cannot describe and perceives the essence - exploring of cultures - that permeates the museum.

【Individual Level】

While using Esprit drawing in your activities, try illustrating how you feel with a symbol. It can raise your motivation. For example, a person who has “Justice” in the center of his Rule Esprit wishes to be as strong as an eagle. He gives his Esprit Drawing the shape of an eagle, which motivates him more.

【Primitive Level】

Adapting the beauty in the surrounding nature into your Esprit will bring peace into your heart. We live each day holding a number of emotions in our hearts such as anguish, surprise and fear. When the heart is in turmoil, look at the serene scenery around you and adapt it into your Esprit drawing.

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