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Walking the Course 



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【Table of Contents】


Chapter I

Acting on the Plan & Improving It


1-1  Creating Action Journal

        Flexible Walk

1-2  Cycle of Thinking Improvement

        A Drop of Truth

1-3  Cycle of Intuitive Improvement

        Greeting from the Shadow

1-4  Tapping into Mind Functions

        Two different Momos

1-5  Calculated Course Adjustment

1-6  Changing the Course


Chapter 2

Bringing the Image into Reality


2-1  Imaging and Keeping Secret

        Hushed Moment

2-2  Concept and Multi-faceted Truth

        Thinking Circuit in Action         

2-3  Searching Truth

        Rebound at the Bottom

2-4  The Development of Esprit Drawing

        My Future and Hometown

2-5  Self-image and the Real World

        Organizing Own Theory


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