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= How to combine Ideal and Realised ? =

【Information Gathering】

When you notice the sign of a malicious incident, observe the place carefully and collect information to grasp what is happening. Do not apply optimism here, but consider the victim’s situation and collect information from different angles as much as possible.


【Finding the Right Reason】

During your decision making process, after you figured out the malicious situation, the next step is to review the right reason for action. Right reason means the ground which shows that your action is valid and sound. It will be the basis of your action.

【Researching Facts】

In the process of decision making, you found the right reason for action. The next step is to find facts about the offender. You have considered the right reason from a moral perspective. This time, let’s switch to a legal perspective.

【Planning a Solution】

When you finished confirming the illegality of the offence, you will then plan a solution.  In planning a solution, it is a good idea to plan out how to effectively end the situation after you executed the solution. Even when there is a right reason for the action, if the plan is not thought through, the situation could worsen.


【Acting on Negotiation】

Once you judge that negotiation is possible, contact the offender and begin talking with him. Keeping in mind this person is an offender, you need to maintain firmness as you calmly present the demands and give a warning.


【Taking Action】

Taking action is the last step of your decision making process. Here, power that surpasses the opponent’s ability is required. Just as in martial arts, unless you have power to outperform the opponent, you cannot win. And, even when you take action with dominating power, the action should be kept to minimal. 

【Defending Your Justice 】

While executing the set plan, it is best to be calm, eliminate all unnecessary words or actions and defend your justice to the end. The more evil you feel the offender is, the angrier you become. Or, if the situation does not turn out to be as you planed, you may become anxious. However, once you let emotions push you into extreme actions, a third party may see it only as a personal fight. No matter how just your reasoning is or how convincing your proof is, you will not be able to maintain your justice.


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