= Esprit Tree =

Let’s symbolize the network of Esprit drawings into a tree. By supposing different Esprit drawings as parts of a tree, you can group them more creatively.


【The Trunk of Base Esprit】

Base Esprit is the trunk of a tree. In that central organ, you determined the future direction and managed your life. As you honor your own will, set up purposes for the future, achieve them, and gain confidence and courage, the trunk gradually widens. 


【The Roots of Art Esprit】

Art Esprit is the roots extending into the earth. With their help, you produced lovely art. In depicting shining beauty, the heart is purified, and the senses are cultivated, which will extend the roots deeper into the ground.


【The leaves of Rule Esprit】

Rule Esprit is the green leaves that capture the sunlight. With the energy from the leaves, you have promoted morality. While bringing your ideals into reality, you can build your character and overcome selfishness, which will enrich the green leaves.


【The Branches of Side Esprit】

Side Esprit is the branches that extend from the trunk, through which you have endeavored in science. In the broad range of study, acquire expertise and skills, furthering your intellectual perception, which will encourage more branches to pan out. 


【The Flower of Creative Esprit】

Creative Esprit is the flower on the tree that has cradled your creative activity. As you try to give birth to a new value and your creation enriches the society, the bud will open up brightly.


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