= Knowledge and Imagery  =

【Comprehend the System of knowledge】

In the world of experts, there are huge mountains made up of accumulated knowledge. Experts are at the top of these mountains looking down at truths in their own fields. For example, physicists have the knowledge for discussing physical matters, programmers have proficiency on information processing, artists have insights on creative work.



【Preliminary study】

Expert knowledge is systematized through efforts of forerunners. It is reflected in the index. Start by going over the index of a specialized book to grasp the overall system of the knowledge, before you dive into details.



【Basic Image of a Profession】

It is surprisingly hard to conjure up images of a profession just though reading, because without experience, you tend to form abstract images. If that is the case, pay attention to the attributes of Mind Functions as you interpret specialty books, which will help you picture basic images of a profession.


Intuition Region:  The sense of a professional

Spirit Region:  The moral of a professional

Thinking Region:  The knowledge of a professional

Body Region:  The action of a professional

Love Region:  The manners of a professional

Group Region:  The skills of a professional


【Shape your unique Self-image】


The basic image will give you a universal idea of a profession and general meaning, but it may not fit the circumstance of each individual. You need to consider your unique circumstance, review the attributes of your Mind Functions, and shape the basic image into your unique self-image.



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