Young Miki


Born in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan.


Graduated from California State University in business accounting.

He majored in accounting as well as studying psychology, philosophy and art. 

Attended Beijing College of Foreign Languages for a year.


Worked in the International Investigation Center in Tokyo and Foreign Affairs Division at the Hokkaido Police Headquarters.

Participated in the National Police Arresting Skill Competition.

Attained the Second level in Kendo, Second level in Judo, and an entry level in Shorinji-Kempo.


Working as a police, he studied criminal psychology and deepened the understanding of human psychology through criminal investigations and information gathering.



Magnificent view of life

He later became independent and created an art style, Esprit Drawing as a culmination of all his knowledge and experience. Working daily on Esprit drawings, Young has refined its theory and techniques. He has established Goldy Co., Ltd. to teach and spread Esprit Drawing and wrote The Mystery of ESPRIT DESSIN.



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