= A long-term view in Life =

【How to live?】

Through Esprit Dessin, you'll learn to identify the right course of action through 6 different “life purposes.”Within a human heart, self-consciousness is at the center, listening to what the peripheral six Mind Functions appeal. It coordinates these appeals. Thus, all the pleas from Mind Functions affect how a person views life.


Intuition Function:  How to be enlightened

Spirit Function:  How to contribute to society

Thinking Function:  How to learn

Body Function:  How to survive

Love Function:  How to show affection

Group Function:  How to work


Sum up each appeal from Mind Functions into one whole, and you will reach an outlook on life - “How to live.”


【Drawing your Base Esprit】

Base Esprit for a young man
Base Esprit for a young man

Base Esprit presents six life purposes, showing you the long road to walk on. Along the road, you draw Side Esprit to help accomplish one of these purposes.


【Life's Road】

The whole curriculum is designed as a long-term project, but when you are engaging in the different tasks, you will choose the most important life purpose at the present time and think about what you can do to work towards it.



= A mid-term view in life=

【Drawing your Side Esprit】

Side Esprit for an AI reseacher
Side Esprit for an AI reseacher

Side Esprit is drawn to seek truth through working in the society. The drawing has a purpose, relevant six targets, and multiple tasks. It helps you have practical images, and shows a path to your goal. The Esprit Drawing will offer you focal points (purpose, value, understanding or image) in different circumstances you will be in.


【A Method of achieving a goal】

Side Esprit presents one purpose, six targets and multiple tasks simultaneously. From the purpose in the center to the peripheral targets and on to tasks, activities shown here become more and more practical.

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