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【Table of Contents】

Chapter 1:

Expressing True Beauty


1-1  The Magic of Beauty                     

    Life Sparkling in Autumna Leaves                  

1-2  Self Expression and Awakening          

    Dessin of an Aged Tree                

1-3  Creating Art Esprit               

    Colors in Frozen Mist                  

1-4  Internal Spark and the Existence of Beauty                

    Wild Abstract          

1-5  Art Appreciation                     

    Harmony between Phenonena and Essence

1-6  Seeking Beauty       

    Hollow Identity vs Genuine Identity    

1-7  Creating Universal Ideas 



Creating a New Value


2-1  Intuitive Idea for a Creation      

     Suffering in the Budding                

2-2  Building a Harmonious Structure              

  Developing the Image of Your Concept          

2-3  Making Creative Esprit

  The Realm where Rules and Evil Cross

2-4  Clarifying the Product Image

  The Hidden History of Fracture                 

2-5  Intellectual Planning and Management       

  The End the Dark Shadow Targets         

2-6  Improvement and Multiple Ideas      

  Beauty and Hideasness                     

2-7  Promoting Your Novelty                

  The Basic Frame of the Methodology        


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