= Wholesome Mind =

Human mind is not an island. It is connected to the body, which health is nurtured at home and in the nature. The mind is intricately connected to the surrounding environment. When our six inner Mind Functions exercise their unique talents, we can beautifully adapt to the changing environment around us. 


That is why we need to pay attention to how we live, and choose a satisfying life style in outdoors, community service, learning time, health management and care for your family, which will assist our mind to stay wholesome.


= Harmony in the Inner World  =

Six Mind Functions in humans have individual roles, appealing with their own agendas. Some of their characteristics are in opposition to others, which keep a beneficial balance as a whole. 


【Thinking Function & Intuition Function】

When a logical thinking emphasizes efficiency, losing a sight on what is the most important, intuition points to the core value.


【Group Function & Spirit Function】

When rivalry in a group takes over you, Spirit Function calms it down in order to bring ideals into a society.


【Love Function & Body Function】

Compassion of Love Function drowns you into pitying, the survival spirit of Body Function pulls you back into reality.



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