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Establishing a Lifestyle 



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【Table of Contents】

Chapter 1:

Multi Dimensions in Life


1-1  Wholesome Mind

 Unnecessary Limit on Self

1-2  Life Style based on Intuition Function

 The New Beginning

1-3  Life Style based on Spirit Function

1-4 Life Style based on Thinking Function

 A Single Sheet of Copy Paper

1-5  Life Style based on Body Function

1-6  Life Style based on Love Function

 Home with a Destiny

1-7  Life Style based on Group Function

 Giant Tsunami and Fake Illness


Chapter 2:

Breakdown of Life Style


2-1 Danger of No Standard

    Competition in Perfectionism

2-2  Stiffened Mind Functions

    Hubris Illusion

2-3  Breakdown of Life Style

    An Evil Man and a Criminal

2-4  Preparing for a New Beginning

    The Light of Courage




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