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【Table of Contents】



Drawing Base Esprit      


  1-1 Organizing Your Environment    

     Girls and an Old Book    

  1-2 Facing Yourself  

     Grandmother's Hair Ornament  

  1-3 Choosing a Life Purpose  

     Life Reflected on the Window  

  1-4 Creating Base Esprit  

     Engraving Heart's Desire  



Drawing Side Esprit


2-1   Researching Social Structures

        Light and Shadow of People in Societies

2-2   Preliminary Learning on Expertise

        The Message in the Sunlight

2-3   Multi-faceted Targets

        Logical Start

2-4   Selecting Tasks

        Scenes through the Window of Heart

2-5   Creating Side Esprit

        Heart-to-heart Talk with Esprit Drawing 



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