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Building a foundation



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【Table of Contents】



Our awareness of different worlds


  1-1 A summary of Esprit Dessin

         On a snowy day

  1-2 How the subconscious works

         Emotion and motives 

  1-3 How  the conscious works 

         Hate the sin, love the Sinner

  1-4 The Primitive level of consciousness

  1-5 The Individual level of consciousness

  1-6 The Societal level of consciousness



The Multifaceted Functionality of Human Mind 


  2-1 Creating a Prism Frame

  2-2 Characteristics of the Intuition Region

  2-3 Characteristics of the Spirit Region

  2-4 Characteristics of the Thinking Region

  2-5 Characteristics of the Body Region

  2-6 Characteristics of the Love Region

  2-7 Characteristics of the Group Region



Environmental Adaptation


  3-1 Matching the mind and the external environment

  3-2 Intereaction between two minds

        Slumber in Moonlight

  3-3 Coping with a negative environment

  3-4 The role of Esprit Drawings                               

  3-5 Connection of different realms  


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