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Enjoy the practical art born from the natural heart 
Enjoy the practical art born from the natural heart 

What is Esprit Dessin?


Express your world of inner thoughts through Esprit Dessin - a sensational, new form of art.


Through Esprit Dessin, you'll learn to:

・Listen to your inner voice and connect to your soul, and by doing so, learn to open up doors to endless possibilities in life. 


・Understand the meaning of order from beauty, goodness and truth, thus developing a more acute sense of awareness, sensitivity, and intellectuality. 


■Making an esprit drawing,

・You can find about the multifaceted function of human mind and have the ability to read minds. 

・You can take various information in a drawing and create one semantic concept system.













  "The Mystery of Esprit Dessin"

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7/1~7/5  (Volime2: 7/3)

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Volume 7 

Original Path of Life


Staying alive without knowing a systematic view of life is something like learning a foreign language without knowing the grammar, because you can not classify and organize the life lessons you have learned from your various experiences. - Young Miki  -

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Universal insight

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