= Searching Beauty =



= How to combine Core Essence and Existential ? =

【Desire for Expression】

Body Function in humans is deeply connected to the instinctive perception that loves beauty. You see lovely flowers and feel they are beautiful. It is not based on knowledge or reasons, but it is a naturally-arising sense, which is keen on the spark of beauty. It judges beauty as beautiful in a flash, perceiving the essence that makes up beauty.


【Thinking of a Theme】

As you get ready to share a wonderful quality, first, think what kind of value moved your heart and what you want to communicate to your audience. Then, pick a theme of your creation. In art, there is a sensitive communication between the giver and the receiver. As you seek what kind of meaning your experience can offer, a theme should come to your mind.


【Thinking about Your Style】

As you start to express the splendor of beauty, think how you go about it. Even when you are going to freely describe beauty through Art Esprit, it is very helpful to learn traditional or latest styles of expression. For example, in order to add a poem into Art Esprit, a person can learn how to compose sonnets.

【Beauty beyond Time】

As the light of vibrating beauty is recreated by the hands of an artist, the beauty is fixed in the existing world with its shine forever captured.

Human instinctive perception not only feels the beauty seen with eyes but also recognizes aesthetics depicted long ago; arts touch any heart in any era.


【Lighting the Era with Keen Sensitivity】

In the pursuit of beauty, artists need to sharpen their sensitivity, so they can shed discerning light on the era that they live in. 

After you have sharpened your sense of beauty through artistic activities, look at the society with your keen perception. Then, consider the preciousness of life and the meaning of human life.


【Exhibiting Your Work】

Once you have created your message to the society, next, take initiative to exhibit the artwork. Sharing it will sound an alarm to the times and open the communication through the senses of viewers.

【Establishing Your Style】

Through the process of correcting some expressions, the message of art will become clearer. The clearer message leads an artist to develop his or her own philosophy and a view on how humanity should live. As you understand your role in the society while innovating your creative work, you will be able to come out of traditional styles. In time, you can establish your own approach.


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