Self-regulation through self-consciousness

Our self-consciousness is always working to clarify the grounds for its behaviour to make self-regulation of the mind an easier task. If it is not capable of convincing the Mind functions of its beliefs, conflicting feelings is the result, which makes self-regulation difficult. Furthermore, as a result of the constant introspection on how one should live one’s life, the self-consciousness is capable of creating a self-image, clarifying values, learning through experience, and determening purposes.


【Creating a self-image】

The self-consciousness has a strong will to find the right direction in life by creating a self-image. 


【Clarifying values】

  Our self-consciousness has a strong will to make guidelines on values, and make clear decisions based on those values. 

【Experiental learning】

Our self-consciousness has a strong will to learn from experience. 


【Determining purposes】

Our self-consciousness has a strong will to set realistic goals. 



Inner Cosmos

The central self-consciousness and the peripheral Mind functions depend on each other. However, they are not always equal in terms of power; the final decision is up to the self-consciousness. If the self-consciousness is not capable of decision-making, the mind cannot be regulated very well.


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