= Searching Truth =

Discovering a piece of truth is an act of extracting a principle from our confusing world of truth and false all mixed up. By accumulating a variety of truth, humans have contemplated the order which governs the whole universe, and built a system of theories (logical world).


That logical world puts facts of the universe into a structure. That is how professionals associate matters, predict changes to come, and promote science and technologies with rational judgment.


= How to combine theory and practice ? =

【Making a Plan after preliminary study】

You already did preliminary study and made a Side Esprit to picture basic images of a profession.


In order to achieve your future purpose, let’s think how to approach it and make a comprehensive plan. Carefully constructed plan also lets you have a clearer self-image advancing on your course.

【Taking action & finding your mistakes】


When a plan is executed, something unexpected - things not written in how-to books - will happen. You may sometimes get stuck in your lack of understanding or carelessness. Such missteps need to be turned into data, so you can understand inherent obstacles through experiences.


【Providing a multi-faceted observation】

With the help of Side Esprit, you can view a problem in the central theme from each Mind Function. In this way, you can delve into the relationship between many causes and effects.


Contemplate characteristics of Mind Functions, come up with various viewpoints, and examine circumstances around the central theme. 

【Forming Hypothesis】

Through observation from multiple aspects, you can scrutinize relationship between causes and effects in a comprehensive manner, which can lead you to a hypothesis.


【Making a revision & verification】

With a hypothesis formed, it is time to make a revision and verify its effectiveness. Hypothesis is just a temporary answer. This perspective in theory needs to be analyzed with an actual implementation. If the revision does not produce enough result, the data from analysis and more information should be added to modify the hypothesis. 


Repeating hypotheses and verifications eventually leads you to a proof of your correct revision. Then, the hypothesis becomes a conclusion and you have found a truth.

【Organizing own theory】


Many challenges that derive from professional activities are technical problems. Revising these challenges gives you chances to come up with your original techniques. As you see, professional activities provide practical abilities called knowhow, skill or technique. As you seek skills with testing and hypothesis, you will be able to gain your original expertise backed with logics.


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