= Problem of disharmony =

Over-dependence on a certain Mind Function impairs the regulating ability of consciousness, which starts to brew all kinds of problems. 

Fundamentally, human consciousness gathers communication from all Mind Functions to consider the cause of a problem from all angles and to lead right assessment. That is why using only a certain Function will reinforce prejudice, making it hard to judge properly or resolve problems.

Moreover, when the overacting Mind Function becomes stiffened, demands from that person becomes extreme and discriminating, accompanied by morally-questionable behavior.


= Stiffening Mind function =

【Intuition Region;  Fanatic action 】

A person who overworked intuition has a weakened Thinking Function, unable to process matters logically. As intuition dominates corresponding Thinking Function more and more, it becomes hardened, sometimes feeding delusion into a fanatic action.


【 Spirit Region; Self-righteous clan 】

A person relying too much on Spirit Function can have compromised Group Function, unable to find a fitting role and help in a group. As Spirit Function grows stronger over the opposite Group Function to the point of rigidity, the person may pretend to honor the traditional values in his community, but build a self-righteous clan for himself.



【 Thinking Region; Cruel hoax 】

A person who counts on Thinking Function too much may diminish the natural function of intuition, unable to love the nature or think of the prosperity of all life forms. If Thinking Function grew to overpower the opposing intuition and hardened itself, the person may build up an fraudulent system in the society.


【 Body Region; Violence 】

A person heavily relying on Body Function will experience Love Function to shrivel until he does not feel it any more. As Body Function oppresses love and becomes rigid, he may employ violence to force the weak into his control. He would use a frivolous matter to threaten the vulnerable to catch a spoil.


【 Love Region; Child abuse 】

A person who is overly dependent on Love Function will depress the basic function of the body, waning in toughness to live on his or her own. As Love Function pushes Body Function away and become stern, he or she may start to see the parental role as a special authority, behaving like a dictator over children.


【 Group Region; Bribery】

A person who overuses Group Function can cripple the natural function of the spirit, which causes compromised moral. As Group Function, opposite of Spirit Function, grows too assertive and stiff, the person may start to show off his superiority in a group, exploiting the underprivileged in the society.


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