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Setting Rules 



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【Table of Contents】

Chapter 1:

Abstract Consciousness and Checking Your Mind


1-1  Consciousness on the Transcendent Level         

   Reflections on the Lake              

1-2  Checking with the Mind List      

   Diminishing Sense of Being              

1-3  List for Intuition Region                 

1-4  List for Spirit Region                 

1-5  List for Thinking Region                 

1-6  List for Body Region                 

1-7  List for Love Region                 

1-8  List for Group Region                 


Chapter 2:

Building Framework of Rules    


2-1 Correcting Wrong Perception         

    Touchstone in Edo Period             

2-2  Creating Rule Esprit         

    Shame Alloted to Good Citizens         

2-3  Resolution to Reach the Ideals   

    Scenarios Made by Memory               

2-4  Protecting Your Own Heart          

    The Red Light Disappeared into the Rain 


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