= Beyond Individual Selves through Meditation =

In the grand scheme of the universe the nature repeats its processes, while the human society changes at a dizzying pace. Because we tend to be swallowed into the current of the society that paralyzes our senses, there is a need to sometimes widen our view and feel the world of order. 


【Awareness at Transcendent Level】

Human consciousness regulates six Mind Functions. When the outer world changes, the consciousness also judges how to react to these changes on three different levels; primitive, individual and social. 


We can also go beyond these personal conscious levels. We will call this transpersonal realm as Transcendent Level. Human consciousness can access deeper inner experience beyond individual selves through imaging meditation.


【Abstract Consciousness】

Through imaging meditation, send your awareness into abstract realms to feel the immense space. For example, as you turn your awareness to a big concept called Japan, you should be able to feel their traditional values such as harmony, humility, manners and gracefulness. These values can be used when you make your Rule Esprit.



【Values of Your Own Discover】

When you sensed a purer world and some words came to you, you will not be able to resist finding out their meanings. Contemplate on your ideal life style through the words that you feel precious, and you will be able to construct firm rules for yourself. 


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